About Us

Who we are

InstaShred is a tech startup with a continously growing community. Founded and ran by a group of current and graduated UOW Engineering students we are dedicated to delivering products that modernise musical tuition. We recently welcomed Artesian to the InstaShred community, our first investor with a contribution of $30 000 to promote further growth for InstaShred.

Based in the iAccelerate facility at UOW's Innovation Campus in North Wollongong we are surrounded by other start up companies with a wide range of expertise. When it comes to guitar ability we are a quite diverse team. Some are novices, some are experienced guitarists and one of us is even a guitar tutor. This diversity is reflected in our products. Our guitars have been designed with consideration for players of all different ages and all different skill levels. Everyone can get value out of it. From the person who is learning their first chord or scale to the experienced guitarist who wants to learn how a certain artist plays a certain song or simply wants a vibrant lightshow to stand out over their fellow band members. InstaShred is a fun-filled, stunningly visual musical experience for all.