The next generation guitar is here

Learn chords, scales & songs like never before

The all new InstaShred ™ MK IV has 138 smart RGB LEDs scattered across the fretboard. Each LED can light up to guide players on where to place their fingers to learn how to play more chords, scales and songs then you can count, while also offering vibrant lightshows. This is combined with our smartphone app that pairs with the guitar over Bluetooth Low Energy ® , providing a fun, interactive and addictive learning experience like never before.

Android ™ & iOS ® smartphone app

The MK IV uses Bluetooth Low Energy ® for wireless communication with our smartphone app that comes free with the purchase of your new guitar. The app will walk you through the process of getting started and within the first five minutes you'll have learned to play your very first chord.

Hardwired to impress

Each component has been manufactured with precision in mind, drawing inspiration from the legacy of Explorer guitars. The hardware consists of two low-noise humbucker pickups, a three-way switch & one volume and tone knob to add versatility to your guitar playing.

InstaShred ™ embedded architecture

Our next generation embedded controller has come down in size drastically. Allowing our designers to get creative with its placement within the guitar. It now clocks in at 32 MHz for a seamless and enjoyable experience. This is our most powerful and size efficient design yet.

Battery Powered

The all new MK IV is battery powered, plug it in when you need a charge and then unplug for cordless play. InstaShred ™ has doubled the number of LEDs while significantly lowering the power consumption.

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